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Our lab is headed by Professor Sujit Dey, who is also the Director of UC San Diego Center for Wireless Communications, and the Director of the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur. Our research projects aim towards enabling preventive and personalized healthcare, mobile immersive multimedia experiences, and smart and clean transportation solutions, through innovations in multi-modal sensor fusion, deep learning algorithms and architectures, edge computing, multimedia networking, and sustainable communications.

Professor Dey has created inter-disciplinary programs involving multiple UCSD schools as well as community, city and industry partners; notably the Connected Health Program in 2016 and the Smart Transportation Innovation Program in 2018.  



News and Events

eCOVID Platform Provides Remote Patient Monitoring

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a remote monitoring platform for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 but aren’t in need of hospitalization.

Student Researcher Xueshi Hou Wins 2019 IEEE Jack Neubauer Memorial Award

Congratulation to student researcher Xueshi Hou for winning the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society 2019 Jack Neubauer Memorial Award.

Professor Dey presents at ILSI North America Emerging Science Meeting

Professor Sujit Day presents Proactive and Personalized Healthcare Using IoMTs and Machine Learning at ILSI NA 2019 on Wednesday February 13, 2019

NASEM Presentation: A New Wave of Applications Enabled by 5G

Professor Sujit Dey presenting at the National Academies of Sciences (NASEM), Engineering, and Medicine.

Using Personal Data to Predict Blood Pressure

Engineers at UC San Diego used wearable off-the-shelf technology and machine learning to predict, for the first time, an individual’s blood pressure and provide personalized recommendations to lower it based on this data...


Our research includes developing new mobile cloud computing architectures and algorithms, media analytics and personalization techniques, adaptive cloud media delivery techniques, application aware green communication techniques that reduce power consumption of both mobile networks and devices, and hardware-software design technologies to ensure reliable, low-power, and variability tolerant systems.