Mobile Systems Design Lab Principal Investigator:
Professor Sujit Dey

University of California, San Diego

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We research and develop technologies that will enable next-generation rich, personalized, and interactive mobile applications. Our research includes developing new mobile cloud computing architectures and algorithms, media analytics and personalization techniques, adaptive cloud media delivery techniques, application aware green communication techniques that reduce power consumption of both mobile networks and devices, and hardware-software design technologies to ensure reliable, low-power, and variability tolerant systems.


  Principal Investigator - Professor Sujit Dey
  Current Students - Ranjini Guruprasad Hasti Ahlehagh Po-Han Chiang
Wenchuan Wei Xueshi Hou Weiheng Ni
  Recent Students - Shaoxuan Wang Saumya Chandra Shoubhik Mukhopadhyay
Ali Mirtar Naomi Ramos Chong Zhao
Yao Liu Yao (Jason) Lu Chetan Verma
Navjot Cheema


National Science Foundation
Center for Wireless Communications
UC Discovery Grant
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