Wireless AR/VR with Edge/Cloud Computing


Triggered by several head-mounted display (HMD) devices that have come to the market recently, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR, significant interest has developed in virtual reality (VR) systems, experiences and applications. However, the current HMD devices are still very heavy and large, negatively affecting user experience. Moreover, current VR approaches perform rendering locally either on a mobile device tethered to an HMD, or on a computer/console tethered to the HMD. In this project, we discuss how to enable a truly portable and mobile VR experience, with light weight VR glasses wirelessly connecting with edge/cloud computing devices that perform the rendering remotely. We investigate the challenges associated with enabling the new wireless VR approach with edge/cloud computing with different application scenarios that we implement. Specifically, we analyze the challenging bitrate and latency requirements to enable wireless VR, and investigate several possible solutions.



Associated Publications